photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_12b_zps223875bf.png

“You should’ve done this a long time ago,” my husband said for the fiftieth time.

I had to agree with him on that.

But the credit goes to Loom Decor for providing me the motivation to makeover my master bedroom. Their timing couldn’t have been better. It was a month ago that they invited me to try out their online custom furnishings tool. The first couple of weeks, my husband and I enjoyed experimenting with Loom Decor’s site to digitally create beautiful drapery and bedding using designer-quality fabrics. Their design tool allows you to “see” your design before you buy it.

Together, we decided on two pair of Loom’s custom pinch-pleated linen drapery in oyster, three matching tailored euro shams with white linen trim, and a playful chevron throw pillow. Once I placed the order, I had plenty of time to tackle my blank canvas. Remember the before photo? B-O-R-I-N-G…


And here is the glorious “after” photo. This room speaks volumes about who we are. I’ll take you on a full tour…

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_5_zps08988fff.png

Here’s a closer look at the drapery and euro shams made by Loom Decor. They are understated and elegant, just the vibe we were looking for in our master bedroom.

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_1_zps967a8ba3.png

The fabric and construction are high quality, timeless, and versatile. Whenever we decide to switch up our look, these items will stay. I complemented our new drapery with nothing less than designer-quality drapery hardware with an antique bronze finish. Dressing a window properly is an investment in your home that will yield a return on your enjoyment and often at resale!

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_11_zps9388189b.png

The room isn’t completely neutral, there are pops of color throughout courtesy of my new glossy blue lamps, artwork, and a mix of throw pillows both custom and retail.

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_2_zps4fd6ba09.png

Let’s be honest, there is no room in our house that is off limits to our children. When night falls our room is the place to cuddle, read bedtime stories, or be snuggled when feeling sick.


I sewed a slipcover from a painter’s dropcloth and covered a settee I purchased on craigslist for $100. It offers an alternative to sitting on my bed especially since I now make it up everyday. photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_10_zpsc77074e6.png

And with the littlest Ward asleep in our bed at night, come morning you just may find one of the other three kids asleep on this settee. Nothing is too delicate in this space. The pillow covers can either be tossed in the wash or sent to the dry cleaners when needed. photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_4_zps3015d170.png

Taking a second look at the bed, I must emphasize the beauty of mixing custom items, retail purchases, and vintage finds. I’d been wanting a federal concave mirror for awhile and found this one at Scotts Antique Market for $40. Though I made this purchase 2 years ago, it goes to show that when you buy what you love you can always find a place for it somewhere in your home. All of the pillows except the smallest one were custom made while the duvet set was purchased at a mass retailer. The lamps are an online find from

ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_7So here is the opposite side of the room. Our space felt very heavy with so much wood furniture that I send the chest upstairs to my eldest son’s room. With the chest gone, I had the opportunity to add more seating. We have to accommodate everyone, right?


If you lost the ‘no TV in the bedroom’ debate with your spouse, you can always find clever ways to disguise it! Surrounded by artwork and flanked by two candle sconces, the unattractive television becomes somewhat nonexistent don’t you think?

I just love how the candles sconces, though new, mimic an antique feel just like the federal mirror. Don’t be afraid to mix antiques with contemporary art. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

The woven chest beside the TV houses the remote control and the DVDs hubby has in his rotation.  photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_9_zpsfb0f7cfb.png

Below is my corner. This chair is another craigslist find I purchased for $40. I hid the worn pink upholstery with a slipcover and moved it to the playroom (remember this post?), then to the sitting area in the kitchen, and then I finally decided to have it reupholstered. Ahh, this chair is unbelievably comfortable and great for nursing the baby. No glider in my bedroom! This zigzag pillow is also a Loom Decor product. Its heavy weave is durable and adds a touch of playfulness to my cozy nook!

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_3_zpse5bf0301.png

At the end of each day, I light one of my deliciously fragrant candles for ambiance and it signals to the kids that it’s time to chill out.

 photo ErikaWard_for_LoomDecor_MasterBedroom_Reveal_6_zpsabc935ed.pngI am so pleased with my experience with Loom Decor and the level of service I received from their staff. My order arrived timely and properly packaged not to be soiled or damaged during shipping. Had I needed to make a change to my order, there is a 120 day returns policy where I could ship my order back to Loom in exchange for a merchandise credit.

Like what you see? Visit the His and Hers Bedroom by Erika Ward and Loom Decor on Pinteret >> click here << I’ve pinned the drapery and pillows I got from Loom also Loom look alikes you can purchase to achieve the look of my bedroom. We are so happy here. Thanks Loom Decor!

How have custom items shaped the look of your home?

Disclosure: Loom Decor provided me with a merchandise credit to review their website and product offering. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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  1. Tiffini Says:

    Girl! i agree with Chris! I can’t believe that’s the same room! Although I’m not surprised with the outcome, this is certainly an oasis you and hubby can look forward to after putting the kiddos to bed!


  2. Tonia Says:

    Wonderful makeover! Especially the mirror over the bed.


  3. Michelle @ Ten June Says:

    Wow, Erika, you nailed it! THAT CONCAVE MIRROR!!!! And the mix of fabrics… like you said, there is just something magical about mixing high-end with retail and vintage fabrics that creates the perfect pairing. It’s beautiful! Enjoy!


  4. W Says:

    Great Post! Love it……..


  5. Rena Williams Says:

    I couldn’t wait to see this! Wonderful job! This looks so beautiful and cozy.


  6. Mimi Says:

    Relaxing yet liveable. I love this and I think the blue lamps add just enough pop. I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that I like traditional pieces and was wondering how they would come together with the modern. You worked it out! Can’t wait to let you loose in my new space!


  7. Destiny Alfonso Says:

    It looks beautiful Erika! Love the mixture of fabrics you got going on! Such a wonderful retreat for you two. Now lets do mine next!:) Such a talent!


  8. Tiffany @ Savor Home Says:

    Looks so good! I have been DYING to find one of those Federal mirrors. I’ll be at Scotts in June and will certainly be on the lookout!


  9. Amanda Eck Says:

    Its beautiful Erika!!! What a great space for some downtime!! and love all the artwork!


  10. Jane Gianarelli Says:

    Congratulations Erika, it looks fantastic! So warm & cozy and best of all, easy to switch out accessories to switch up the colors. Enjoy your new space!


  11. angela | the painted house Says:

    Love it! Why do we wait so long to do something good for ourselves? Pretty bedrooms are good for the marriage, too. :). Beautiful work, Erika!


  12. Amber Says:

    This is beautiful! Lots of great inspiration for me as I begin to design my master bedroom!


  13. Talana W Says:

    Beautiful!!! I love how you have put all the elements together. Thank you for sharing.


  14. Melissa Says:

    Erika it turned out beautiful! So inspiring! It has so much character and personality. Great tips on dressing up the tv and mixing old with the new. Your family will enjoy this space for many years. Great job!! Oh and sewing your own slipcovers! You go girl!!


    • Erika Ward Says:

      Thank you Melissa! I don’t know what I was thinking when swing that slipcover. My seams aren’t straight, but hey let’s just say I was going for a ‘relaxed look.’ Yeah, that’s it!


    • Erika Ward Says:

      Thank you Melissa! That was exactly the response I was going for! So glad it’s done and now we all can wake up to an inspiring space!


  15. mary Says:

    Beautiful! i’m going for a similar look – beige, blues. can i ask what color of paint you used?


  16. Tidy-Up Gal Says:

    I’m late, but WOW! Looks great!


  17. Angela Smith Says:

    I have to say that I love the mix of metals (gold,silver,bronze) and textures in this room. It looks effortless… Lovely! Great job!


  18. Donna Says:

    Just lovely! Great choice of the blue lamps with the neutral by classy curtains and bedding. I especially like the print above the sette and the great use of the little table from Target.



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