“Start the car, I’ll meet you out front.”

Have you ever found a deal so good, you had to buy quickly before someone realized a mistake had been made.

It’s like you are a part of a heist.

Hurriedly, you gather all they have and rush to the check out.

“Quit asking questions, Lady,” you think to yourself as the cashier runs the item over the scanner. “Ooh, these are really pretty. Are there any more back there?”

You hold your breath until you get into your car with your new found goodies. Well, at least that how I feel. Between the cashier and the woman behind me, I almost turned blue in the face.

A steal is how we usually describe the item, but this was no mistake and I’m clearly not a thief.

Have you seen this mirror at Target? It’s a part of the Threshold collection that the design world is buzzing about. And they are only $39.99. I cleared the shelf at two of the locations in Atlanta, but you can find them online here.

Over the weekend I installed a client’s living room and used them in the decor. Remember the “Art on Linen Living Room?” Here’s a sneak peek.

Erika Ward Interiors

This room, as you will later see, is an excellent model for mixing high and low, custom and retail items.

Here are some other examples of mirror groupings you will love. By displaying them in a collection, you can easily and affordable create a statement piece at a fraction of the cost!

Erika Ward Interiors

Melanie Turner

Erin Valencich

What good buys have you found lately?

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area and need a quick change makeover in your space, then contact me (404) 507-6110 or info(at)erikaward(dot)com. I offer a range of interior design services from consultations to full service design and renovations.


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  1. Jae Says:

    I bought that mirror! and later returned it as it didn’t work for the space. But really love some of the stuff Target has been doing lately.


    • Erika Ward Says:

      I agree. I often sprinkle a few of their accessories into my client jobs. Mixing high and low is a great way to go especially when budget is an issue.


  2. Linda Edwards Says:

    That’s a great find. I love this idea and I will definitely be exploring your blog. We are moving soon and I need all the decorating tips I can get :)


  3. Katherine G Says:

    You are so talented!! These are beautiful mirrors!! I love it!!


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