December 14, 2012

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I’m thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Baby Cameron born on December 8th.

Each time I look at him, nurse him, change his diaper, I reflect on the honor it is to be a co-creator with God.

When I see this photo, tears swell in my eyes. I’m humbled that these precious souls are in my care.
My husband, the football coach, also proved to be an excellent birthing coach (minus the loud whistle and megaphone mouth). He was gentle, soothing, and knew just the right words to comfort me during labor.
When I announced Cameron’s arrival and shared photos with family and friends, I got numerous compliments on my appearance after giving birth. This photo was taken less than 24 hours after labor. The only explanation I have is that a light is shining on the inside of me…apparently it is radiating on the outside, too.
The most common question I get now is if we plan to have more children. Only God knows, but in my heart I feel my family is complete. This will be an unforgettable holiday season…Happy Holidays from our family to yours. With Love.

image courtesy: the first image was captured by Our365 photographers, the rest belong to us.
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17 Responses to “WELCOME, BABY CAMERON!”

  1. Angela Says:

    What an attractive family you have, Erica! Your baby is beautiful and you really do look radiant and pretty!


  2. Laila @OnlyLaila Says:

    A beautiful family indeed!! Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


  3. Emily Clark Says:

    Yay, Erika! He is such a beautiful blessing!! So happy for you and your family.

    And, don’t you love that people ask if there’ll be more as soon as the baby passes through the birth canal?? Ha!


  4. Tonia Says:

    Again congratulations on the newest addition to the family.


  5. Cyndi Murdoch Says:

    What a darling family. Congratulations!


  6. Raye Cage Says:

    Beautiful family Erika!

    May God bless the Ward family & keep you
    May the Lord make his face shine on the Ward family
    & be gracious to you
    May the Lord give the Ward family shalom (peace).
    — Numbers 6:24-26

    Merry Christmas.


  7. Christina Says:

    Your family is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the new arrival, he’s adorable!


  8. Maribel Says:

    Congratulations Erika! He is adorable, and what a lovely name. Have a blessed Holiday and enjoy this wonderful time with your beautiful family! Many hugs!


  9. Katherine Says:

    Congratulations Erika!


  10. Allison Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your special day. Congratulations to you and your family.


  11. Erika Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Gods blessed you with such a beautiful family


  12. Beth@AtoZ Says:

    What a precious little cherub! Congrats girl and blessings on your entire clan!


  13. Centsational Girl Says:

    Wow that was just a few days after I saw you!!! He is a beautiful baby, congratulations to you and your family, you are blessed! Merry Christmas friend!


  14. Nesby Says:

    He’s so precious. Welcome Baby Cam!


  15. Natasha L. Says:

    Congrats!!!! But really, you are looking FABULOUS. And your hair! You did that!


  16. pve Says:

    Dayka sent me over and how thrilled am I to meet your lovely family. How wonderful they look.
    Our twins will turn 20 in February and I cannot imagine life without them. Their sister too, loves having big brothers. I am from a large family, one of seven and I think being a Mom helps to make us better at everything. Learning so much each day from them.
    Congratulations to you.


  17. Ronique Gibson Says:

    Congrats to you Erika and Ward family. :) You all look beautiful.. congrats to you all and hope to see you in July at the Brizo event.. if you can tear away from your precious family :) Hugs and Kisses to you and yours!



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