My latest ideabook for, “7 Tips for Making Your Contractors Your Allies,” discusses ways to get your contractor as vested as you are into your project/client project. It often seems we hear more bad stories than good when it comes to client-contractor relations and miscommunication on both sides is a common culprit.

In my experience it has been easier to discuss issues and salvage existing relationships than start over completely with a new company. Thanks to mutual respect and an awareness of each other’s expectations, my contractors and I have build lasting relationships. They feel vested in the project and take a personal interest in helping me look good in the eyes of my clients.

Here are a some tips I discussed that have helped me get the best from my contractors — and from other service professionals as well.

1. Remember That Payment is Paramount

2. Know That Small Gestures Count

3. Be Accessible

4. Give Your Contractors Honest Feedback

5. Effectively Communicate the Timeline and Deliverables

6. Be Considerate of Your Contractor’s Time

7. Have a Defined Set of Plans and Specifications

To learn more about each of the above tips, click here to read the ideabook in its entirety! If you have addition tips, please share below!


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