I have admit our recent work at the Sam Bell Cottage has helped me gain a new appreciation for oak furniture.  Since the Middle Ages oak has been the wood species of choice for interior beams and fine furnishings; its durability is matchless. So it comes to no surprise that it is the predominant furniture material in these spaces where our Room Service Atlanta Participating Designers are hard at work.  Many of the designers have opted to incorporate a few of the existing pieces of oak furniture into their designs especially since it’s the dwelling place for growing young men.

In the context of a cottage, the furniture looks very campy, but when joined by an on trend color palette, fabrics, and furnishings it’s anything but ‘roughing it.’

Let’s take a look at some examples of oak furniture in modern spaces.

Oak furniture pops against a bold contrast of light and dark. Charcoal gray walls act as a moody backdrop in this bedroom, while the crisp white bedding keeps it light and fresh.

Use toss pillows to bring on the color with small doses of paprika and any earthy hues of your choice.

By keeping patterns few, the color palette interesting, and maintaining clean lines, this room’s style catapults itself into a modern era.

Ignite your dining room furniture by painting the walls a fiery red hue.  Red is a color commonly used in dining spaces and is believed to increase appetite. True or not, it along with the contemporary artwork above the buffet, is an easy way to switch up the look of your home in just one afternoon.

There isn’t just one thing that lures me into this room, but the invitation of a roaring fire is always a great start. The clean lines of the oak canopy bed appeals to me more that the traditional version. It’s really a matter of personal taste. Yet, both designs are equally romantic especially when enveloped in a cocoon of blue-gray walls.

SIDENOTE: The only problem I imagine with the sumptuous white bedding would be the inability to get out of bed in the morning. Most people are afraid of white bedding for fear of it becoming dingy. White bedding is the easiest to care for if it’s machine washable. Toss it into the wash with a bit of bleach and viola!

Peering into the same room from the closet, we see that the bed’s silhouette brings architectural interest into the space. I love how one piece of furniture can change the structure of a nondescript room.

Inside the closet, a pop of blood orange, courtesy of the table lamp, adds a touch of energy into the room while still maintaining the restful atmosphere.

If you are looking to add oak into your design plan, check out Oak Furniture UK for some quality, yet affordable pieces that would make a great addition to any space.

Go ahead, pick your palette. Which color combination attracts you the most? Which colors do you combine with your oak furnishings?

image courtesy: Judith Balis for Nest Interiors / Glenn Gissler Design / Dufner-Heighes
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  1. Cyndi Murdoch Says:

    The sleek lines of the dining furniture along with that wonderful red helps to modernize the space for sure. I’m often faced with the oak so popular in the late ’80’s and 90’s. Great ideas here.


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