Ever see something so buzzworthy that you immediately drop everything and call a friend? Well, after viewing the official images released for the California Home & Design Space, Big Style House Tour, I did just that. I contacted the man himself, Brian Patrick Flynn, whose bedroom design made me stand at my desk for a thunderous applause.

I needed an explanation for all of this…
I find it hard to believe that the California Home & Design Small Space, Big Style House Tour is Brian’s first time at the dance, but it’s true. He’s clearly made a name for himself in the design world. We see him everywhere. His natural progression would lead him to a showhouse appearance, right? And boy did he come dressed for the part with this awe-inspiring bedroom design.

He’d been in the Hamptons when he got the invitation to participate and was immersed in a summer preppy vibe of  Martha’s Vineyard. With those fond memories afresh in his spirit, Brian took on the challenge of merging East Coast Prep with Hollywood Glamour all while paying homage to his home state of Florida.

So how did you begin to pull together this space?

“I always approach the walls first and in this case I needed an immediate solution for the soaring 20-foot ceilings before I went any further.”

So Brian chose to upholster the upper half of the wall with gingham canvas and the lower with a faux ostrich accented with nailhead trim [the room’s biggest indulgence].

Why gingham, though pretty awesome in this application?

“I needed a large graphic print that read both preppy and theatrical.”

After searching countless fabrics for what apparently didn’t exist, he made his own print with the help of his graphic designer and Astek, a popular Los Angeles destination for in house creation of any wall application you can imagine.

A larger than life upholstered teal headboard, a pair of high gloss nightstands, and reflective surfaces work together to amplify the look of Hollywood glamour.

Varying shades of pink are layered throughout the room providing depth and an element of playfulness.

His best advice when designing small spaces is to go BIG. This includes lacquering a custom multifunctional closet with teal automotive paint. The gingham print makes another appearance in the form of an upholstered desk chair in fabric by Schumacher.

If you follow Brian’s work, then you notice a common thread throughout his portfolio. His ever-present use of vintage furnishings gives his rooms a more authentic look, less like an interpretation of something off a showroom floor.

“When sourcing objects for a room I first start with vintage. I then head to the design center to for amazing fabrics, then to the workroom, and head off to do some art shopping.”

So where does retail come into play?

Here’s a designer trick that you need to note immediately. Brian only buys staples and functional pieces that are basic and easy to dress up. Two of his favorite spots are Pottery Barn and Ikea. By purchasing their more traditional items, [i.e. Ikea’s toile duvet] versus a modern items you’d never guess it was an Ikea design and not its expensive counterpart.

There’s much more to see and learn about Brian and the other talented designers’ work featured at the showhouse. Apartment Therapy has a full coverage of the event and more eye candy to boot!

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    Great post! Thanks for sharing 😉
    Not only is Brian über talented, but he is hysterical too!!!


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