August 3, 2012

organization, organizing

While most expecting mothers are obsessing about their baby’s nursery, my nesting instincts have turn towards document organization. Snorefest, I know. As the COO of my household, it is my duty to handle all of our paperwork and to make sure what we need is within arm’s reach. You can only imagine what I’m reaching for at the moment.

My internal alarm went off (loudly) when the calendar hit August 1st. With school starting in 2 weeks, I had to schedule nearly 9 appointments to doctors, dentists, and eyecare professionals and needed all of our important documents to take along with me. The updated insurance cards were lying underneath a heap of mail on the bookshelf, second row to the right, but only I would have known that.

After talking with one of my clients who after 6 months is still trying to located important documents in her deceased father’s office, I felt the urgency to get my own affairs in order. I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs to get their rear in gear.  So in lieu of a decorating post, I’m sharing this visual I found on the Wall Street Journal’s website.

The actual title of the WSJ article is “Designing Your Death Dossier.” Not sure if you would’ve read this post had I mentioned that in the title. Hope this is helpful and relevant to you, too!

While you at it, read this post by Good Housekeeping on How Long to Keep Important Papers. So helpful!

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  1. Debbie Says:

    Erica, I am currently dealing with both my mom’s and my dad’s estates- you just gave some AWESOME advice! As soon as these are wrapped up, I will have my will drawn up and everything in order so my kids aren’t dealing with chaos.

    I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy! Take care of yourself.


  2. valeriekilpatrick Says:

    Your blog, which I have always enjoyed, just gets better and better. Is it something in the air? Because you seem to post such relevant life and design ideas~
    Thank you!


  3. Raye Cage Says:

    I am a caregiver for my parents and my mother got all paperwork in order (trusts, wills, power of attorney, etc.). I am working on my own death dossier so this post is coming at the perfect time for me.


  4. BossyGirl Says:

    I love this… I’m going to work on this..


  5. Robin Davis Says:

    Great blog- and great ideas and suggestions. Now to work on mine:)


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