From day one, I was always told that my only job was to excel in school the rest was a cake walk.  I’ve been instilling this same concept to our kids and with the twosome starting kindergarten in two weeks it’s becoming even more of a reality. In order to give the kids their best chance at success, I’ve been doing a little homework of my own.

I came across a NY Times article that revealed the findings of a 1978 study on study habits. The findings disprove our notion of having one designated study area. Instead the conclusion stated that instead of sticking to one study location, simply alternating the room where a person studies improves retention. Now that I think about it, the same applies to me. I don’t always work in my home office. I prefer a change of scenery and may work from my kitchen or take my work outdoors.

Currently, my home office is set up much like the image below. Would love to share actual images, but its in que for an upcoming magazine feature (whoo-hoo!)

I find that the kids enjoy working beside me and feel their ‘work’ is of importance. There are designated areas, cubbies and drawers, where they store their supplies when done.

In the middle of the table is a lazy susan that hold items we commonly use like pens, pencils, scissors, staplers, and glue.

This set up works for everyone and even my husband sets up here every now and then. Two of the main reasons why this arrangement is so successful is that we have smart storage as well as ample work surface where everyone can spread out.

Here, in this playroom designed by Kate of Centsational Girl, kids can study at the table, on the sofa, or on the floor. I find that I get more cooperation with the kids when I give them choices. Who can blame them? I love options and my kids do, too.

I’m thinking about also adding a homework space upstairs they can escape to, as well as the kitchen table, and more often the library.

Where do your kids do their best work? Where are some of their favorite places to study?

 image courtesy: Minnie Mortimer|Centsational Girl|Brian Patrick Flynn
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  1. Cyndi Murdoch Says:

    Although my kids are grown – I have fond memories all of us gathering at the kitchen table or even the living room in comfy chairs & sofas to do our homework. Laptops and tablets make it so much easier to move from room to room and still have access to computers and information. I love that bench seat a nice versatile space to work at the table or curl up with a good book!


  2. Kim Hoegger Says:

    Love the idea of providing several work spaces for my kids this year! And thanks to your article, I am realizing that I better get it in gear as school is only a few weeks away! Thanks for a great article Erika!


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