About a week ago I got a text from my friend Shelli with this small (but important) photo attached.

Look a little closer. Yup, that’s me being quoted in the September 2012 issue of one of my favorite shelter publications, House Beautiful.

ORANGE adds excitement to any space, says Erika Ward of Atlanta.

Sure it’s not a full out spread featuring my work, but I’ll take my few seconds of fame and run with it.

[Yay!! Honey, I celebrate the small victories, too!]

The House Beautiful COLOR REPORT issue also reveals a telling map illustration on page 40 of COLOR ACROSS AMERICA. I literally laughed out loud at its mention of what’s hot in the Southeast…

ORANGE is polarizing–it’s a hot choice in the Southeast, but it’s also the color most people are ‘so over.’ 

I’m not sure when I’ll be ‘over’ orange. It’s pretty much integrated throughout my home. Remember my boys’  Nautical Inspired Bedroom?

And most recently, we painted our kitchen ceiling in Spicy Hue by Sherwin Williams. Even cooking seems so much more exciting these days with an energizing hue overhead.
 …and I had custom roman shades made for three windows in the kitchen to repeat the color in the space.

SIDENOTE: All of a sudden everyone wants to chip in with the dish washing. Obviously, I’m outnumbered 3 to 1 so I graciously step aside…[Hiding the step stool just so I can see those adorable tippy toes. Presh!]

You’ll see more updates in the upcoming weeks regarding the kitchen. I’m nesting like nobody’s business.

So is the color orange still on your style radar or are you ‘so over’ it unlike the rest of us in the Southeast?  Go ahead, you can tell me…

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  1. Nikki White Says:

    Orange will never die for me lady. My entire office was orange years ago – and I’m talking years ago before Pantone deemed it the color du jour. It’s also in my blog header, my logo, website, color of my favorite handbag and sprinkled all over my life. I simply love it. But I think it’s a color people from the Southeast and the Caribbean will have an enduring love affair with for many, many moons to come.


  2. Tiffini Says:

    I never considered an orange room, but all your rooms with this color look awesome! I have however considered orange accents in my grey room! I just love the richness of it all! Thanks for sharing all your victories big or small!


  3. Sherry Hart Says:

    Those are the cutest pictures Erika……love your orange ceiling…..:)


  4. Lee Kleinhelter Says:

    Orange is the best! Congrats @ErikaWard:))))


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