My husband came up with a great idea regarding the reassignment of our children’s bedrooms. Sure I’m only in the fourth month of pregnancy, but I HAD to get this thing figured out IMMEDIATELY. My nesting instincts are premature, yet they are in full swing. With three bedrooms upstairs, he suggested that our 5-year old boy/girl twins share a room and our 3-year old will share a room with the newest addition, the third bedroom we convert into a playroom. Brilliant!

“But seriously Erika, you taught me everything I know.”

“And it wasn’t easy. You’ve come a long way, Baby.”

As soon as I logged on to pinterest, I noticed that Brian posted photos of a Superman-inspired bedroom he designed for a little boy.

This multifunctional space, brimming with color and quite patriotic, could also appeal to a roommate of the opposite sex.

The room is a mix of retail and custom furniture. The desk and chair, both from Ikea, received an extreme makeover worthy of  a showroom display.

brian_patrick_flynn_kids_spaces_for_hgtv_2Large scale artwork reinforces the theme without competing with the graphic wallpaper pattern.

Creative storage is essential, especially in tight quarters. In lieu of an open desk, Brian opted for one with closed cabinetry complete with a durable desktop.

The before and after photo proves that there is hope even in the smallest of spaces. There is so much more to see in this room so head over to HGTV Remodels to get the full scoop on this incredible bedroom. Brian generously shares his designer tricks and money saving tips.

I leaned over to show my husband the above photos:

“See, I told you Daddy knows what he’s talking about.”

[Insert sucking of teeth and eye-rolling here] I’m not sure if the irritation came from him referring to himself in third person as “Daddy” or the fact that he thinks he’s now a bonafide decorator. He continued, “I could’ve done that for you.”

[Insert major side-eye. If he keeps talking I may end up cross-eyed.] “Sure you could. Good night, Sir.”

Do you love this space as much as we do?

[images courtesy of  Brian Patrick Flynn for HGTV]



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  1. Angela Says:

    Love it!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Michelle Says:

    That wallpaper would be perfect for my sons “Captain America” room! Can you tell me who makes it?


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