July 24, 2012

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Almost every week I get emails from clients and friends looking to sell their gently used furniture, lighting, and other home decor accessories. Some of it I consider when sourcing items for current projects, others I defer to consignment shops or Craig’nem (you know who I’m talking about.)

OfferUp, the first buy/sell app, is another alternative I can add to the list. If you have an iphone, selling your goods is as easy as snapping a photo and promoting it with this awesome new app. Talk about ‘cash in hand’…cha’ ching!

“We want to revolutionize e-commerce by not only making it as simple as taking a photo, but by making it a safe experience for the people using OfferUp,” -Nick Huzer, OfferUp Founder and CEO

Here’s a statistic that will get you started today in setting up your mobile yardsale:

Did you know according to a 2011 NPD Group research study, the average U.S. household has more than $7,000 worth of unused items, equating to nearly $800 billion in unused items in the U.S?

Looks like we’ll be combing through our basement and garage this weekend to gather a few of our goodies. We could use some extra cash with baby number 4 on the way!


Need help getting started? Here are some great tips provided by OfferUp for a quick, successful sale:

1. Get a Good Photo – Take the photo in the daytime in an area that will best highlight the object you are trying to sell.

2. Firm Price or Negotiable, It’s Your Call – when setting your price, you have the option to set a Firm Price (non negotiable) or forgo the Firm Price option to let potential buyers know that you are up for price negotiations.

3. Spread the Word on Your Social Networks – Facebook, twitter, pinterest, you name it. Somebody always knows somebody else who would be interested in your stuff.

4. Reminders When Closing the Sale – When you and your buyer have finalized a price, the next step is closing the sale and delivering the goods. If the item is portable (like a vase), arrange to meet the buyer in a neutral public place, like your local coffee shop. The buyer can examine the goods and if all is well, pay you and take their new treasure home.

  • Don’t meet in secluded locations.
  • And always tell a friend or family member who you are meeting and where. If you can, bring a friend along.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your meeting and be the last to leave. If you are at all feeling uncomfortable, don’t drive directly home and instead take a roundabout way there.

For more, visit the community forum on ideas for buying and selling your gently used items. To download the OfferUp app, click here.

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  1. Nikki White Says:

    What a great resource. Will be sure to share with clients who ask the same thing. Also looking for a similar approach to get rid of unused paint! So many of us have leftovers from projects that just sit around for years and I’m sure some deserving family could use.


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