June 17, 2012


While sourcing wood flooring for a client I recalled a random conversation I had with a good friend. Our chat had nothing to do with decorating or design, but he had a message to share that always stayed with me.


“Hey Ms. Erika, I’ve been thinking about you and all the wonderful accomplishments you’ve made in your business. You sure have come a long way.”

Thank you Andrew.

“I’m not sure when you first got started, but when we met I wondered how you were able to do so much.”

Just to give you some background information, we met about three years ago shortly after giving birth to my third child. It was stressed to the nth degree. In addition to growing my business, I had 3 children under the age of three at home every single day.

He continued, “Do you know much about bamboo? [Ok, where’s he going with this? I just arrived for an appointment. Don’t have much time.] In the early years, it grows very little. It isn’t until around the fifth or sixth year that it literally takes off. Your business has been a lot like this. Keep doing what you are doing. You are going to be amazed at what is to come. That’s all. Take care and tell your big head husband hello.”

[Silence as I pondered the thought]. Wow Man, thanks for taking the time to call me to share that revelation. I will never again look at bamboo in the same way.


Bamboo Flooring Comp.

As I browsed the showroom with my client, I told her about the many benefits of bamboo flooring. I spoke about its growing popularity as an environmentally friendly alternative, a quickly renewable resource, and highlighted it as an allergen-friendly alternative to carpet. Carpet, her current flooring, causes her daughter to rely heavily on various medications to keep her from wheezing uncontrollably and was the primary reason for our visit.

She’s closer to making a decision, especially after learning that bamboo can be stained to complement her contemporary decor. I didn’t share this story with her, but I’m sure she’ll learn about it after reading this post.

It’s funny how one thing, in this case bamboo flooring, can jog your memory and help you recall another time and place. I find strength in this life metaphor and proudly identify myself with the strength, durability, and beauty of bamboo.

Have you tried bamboo flooring in your home?


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