If you are an interior designer or someone who works in sales, you will enjoy my latest blog post for Williams-Somona Designer Marketplace blog entitled “Designer Etiquette: What Do You Do When You Finish a Job?” Within the last week, I’ve successfully completed three design jobs, two of which came from referrals.

Aside from wanting to deliver a beautiful finished project, it is equally important for me to know that I have a client for life and someone who will refer me to their friends! Referrals are the cornerstone of my business now more than ever.

Six years ago when I started Erika Ward Interiors, I can’t say I did everything right. Even now, I learn something new everyday and chat with other designers who are willing to share their stories. In this post, I share my client experiences and ideas that yield the results you want. Increased sales!

No matter how successful your business is, you should never stop making improvements in the area of customer service. How will you influence your client to say yes?


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  1. Miya @ Design Indulgences Says:

    I commented there but I’ll copy my reply here as well. Very good tips. I always send a thank you card of gratitude a week after completing a project. I also ask my clients to provide me feedback so that I can share it on my kudos section of my portfolio site. Fortunately all has been well but in the future I will also ask if there was anything they would have liked done differently. I think any constructive criticism is beneficial in succeeding.


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