April 24, 2012

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I’ve been popping in and out of blogland due to the fact that I’m in the throes of a 45-day renovation project I’m working on here in Atlanta for an international family while also managing existing client work. I love everything about the design/build process and learn so much for my subcontractors especially when dealing with an existing structure vs. new construction. You never know what you will uncover during the demo process! More on that in the upcoming days…

Some of the more controlled aspects of the job include creating architectural interest in an otherwise nondescript space. Custom millwork brings a cookie-cutter home to life and provides a great return on your investment. Here’s a sneak peek and believe me there’s more to come…

Pediments, wainscoting, crown molding, and thicker baseboards, as seen above, take the first floor of this house from coach to first class!  We’re also renovating three bathrooms and the kitchen. New lighting, paint, hand-scraped wood flooring, and plush carpeting are also game changers in this renovation. That’s just the interior portion of the job. The exterior will be equally satisfying. Oh, so much to do!

On Wednesday, we’re installing a unique window treatment in a sprawling estate just outside of Atlanta. The home is mostly furnished, but the windows need to be addressed. Just to give you an idea of the gorgeousness we’re dealing with, here’s a snapshot of the home’s rotunda:

The ceiling soars and the chandelier sings, I swear.

I’m also in-town to full-furnish a 2-BR/2BA  Brookwood condo, it’s the neighborhood that bridges Midtown to Buckhead. Being back in that area reminds me of first condo in Midtown. City views, running in the park, walking to my favorite restaurants, much different than my new life in suburbia!

The client’s design aesthetic is more contemporary than most spaces I design, but I welcome the change. Here are a few sofas we’re looking at and hopefully we’ll have a final decision by tomorrow afternoon.

Last, but surely not least, the twins turned five-years-old last week and also received the proofs from their school pics.  I just about melted onto the kitchen floor. Lord, where did the time go?

I hardly ever get this type of cooperation for a photo.

Though I see them everyday, it’s so different for me to see them in a photograph. I’m sooooo grateful they are mine :)

So, what’s new with you? Do tell.

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5 Responses to “COMING UP FOR AIR…”

  1. nicole Says:

    Whew, out of breath just reading this post. A lot going on lady. I feels your pain. Can’t wait to see the final reveals. And did you say 45 days on project number 1? ouch, sounds tight so good luck with that one! I’m voting for sofa number 2 for your contemporary client. I’m a sucker for fabric sofas and for sofas with arms wide enough to rest a drink on! Happy belated birthday to the twins! What an adorable bunch.


  2. Cyndi Murdoch Says:

    I too like the middle sofa. – timeless…. I’m loving what you are doing with the renovation. You have a lot going on right now!!!! Your kids are darling – enjoy them while they are young – they grow up way to fast, I know!!!!


  3. BossyGirl Says:

    Girl you are SOOOO busy! I love looking at your work! It is soooo pretty!!!


  4. Funkidivagirl Says:

    I love your work! I really hope that I am able to use you one day :-)


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