January 24, 2012

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Today LuxeYard, a luxury home furnishings and decor flash sales site, opened its virtual doors for business. When I got the word about unique goods with prices at up to 70 percent off retail, I was all ears and knew you would be too!

What separates LuxeYard from its competitors? They boast two new e-commerce concepts: Concierge Buying and Group Buy.

Here’s how Concierge Buying works:  As a LuxeYard member, you can post photos of items you want to buy at a discount to one of LuxeYard’s social media platforms, other members rally behind you and request the item as well. Then, LuxeYard experts will source the exact same product you requested, or one known to be comparable or a higher quality, and offer it on the site at a fraction of the retail price.

The Group Buy feature is similar to what we’ve seen in the services sector, but a first on a flash sales site.

Let’s say you purchase an item for $100. You then share the information on Twitter encouraging your followers to purchase the same product. As a result from customer demand, which you helped to build, the price drops to $50. Everyone who purchased the Group Buy item pays the final, lesser price!

LuxeYard also includes features such as their LuxeYard Trendsetters Community,  a room planner, and more online shopping access at their Luxe Pop stores.

Sign up today at LuxeYard.com to see what all the buzz is about. While you at it, make a note of the special discount for being a BluLabel Bungalow reader!

Discount Code: luxe4blu
Discount: 10%
Good Through: Feb 29

Happy Shopping!


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