January 31, 2012

abra lee, garden

written by Abra Lee, Garden Contributor

Congratulations on your decision to start a garden. It’s easier said than done, but here are three basic ideas that will help you along your journey.

Creating your dream garden begins with A-B-C:

Attractive- Gardens must have an attractive layout for you to enjoy them let alone work in them. And I don’t mean attractive sometimes, I mean all the time, January through December. Make sure there is seasonal interest in your garden. Know that seasonal interest is not just reserved for plants it is also hardscape features like paths, stones, and statues.

Balance- Salty and sweet is a great taste combination because one balances the other. The rule of balance also applies to the garden. Spaces must be balanced with size appropriate plants, colors, textures and objects. If an area is small use fine textures like small leaved plants, smaller blooms, cooler colors, and focal points to match the smaller scale. Think small and light when a space is tight.

The opposite is true for large spaces think coarse or bold textures. Plants with big leaves, big blooms, and warm colors can be used to make the areas feel not so large and less distant. Use bigger, bolder, focal points. In big spaces go big or go home.

Conscious- Think about your garden with a clear conscious. Be conscious of your environment. If you have an area that stays cool and damp plant what is appropriate in that situation. Don’t just buy what you think looks good; buy what will thrive in the area and it will look good. Be conscious of what you plant. Pick plants like you pick pets; know the mature size and feeding requirements before you take them home. Finally, be conscious of yourself. How much maintenance are you willing to put into your garden before you commit to a project or a plant? Remember, there is no such thing as a “no maintenance” garden.

Follow the ABCs and your garden will reward you.

*images: foras studio

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