January 18, 2012

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If my husband read this headline, an image of me hauling a chaise lounge upstairs or using my legs to push a heavy bookcase across the room would immediately pop into his head. In my redesigning frenzy he asks, “Why didn’t you wait for me to help you with that? You are so impatient.” I’m not that impatient really. It’s just that I don’t want to explain why I’m editing the room again. He just doesn’t understand.

Does anyone else out there suffer from “The Designer’s Curse?” We nip, tuck, pin, and pull until it is almost perfect, because it never really is…Because I’m in good company, I feel I can be transparent with you and the millions of houzz.com readers about the impatient decorator in me. I’ve pulled together 8 ideas that could help people like us in satisfying our desire for change. Here are a couple:

pulp design studios modern bathroom
image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios

Change the knobs on any furniture item for a fun, fresh update. Semi-custom furniture has never been so affordable.


Plaza Towers Condo Renovation modern living room
Add a rustic element to your modern decor. This stump made of petrified wood adds personality to the space and combats the “fresh off the showroom floor” look. For more smart decorating solution, click hereto check out my latest article for houzz.

What is your favorite quick fix?
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  1. Kathysue Says:

    I bring in some greens or flowers from the garden,no cost to me and it makes me happy. The other quick fix is adding some trim to a lampshade for a pop of color. I just posted a post on lampshades today!!! Easy way to add pattern or color with out a huge change or having to move anything heavy. I so related to this post!!! It is a disease that comes along with we decorating types, Kathysue


  2. Erika Ward Says:

    Thanks Kathysue, plants do make a huge difference. Their presence alone adds life to the room and cleanses the air!


  3. Liv.Luv.Design Says:

    I, too suffer from this affliction. When I get the itch, I buy fabric and switch throw pillows to match the seasons.


  4. jeana Says:

    Nice insights. I find myself just like you sometimes. Just out of the blue with out me knowing it I have already change something at first then the whole in general with even planning on something, pure impulse. Always love flowers and plants in the room. :-)buyaionaccounts


  5. Mr. Goodwill Hunting Says:

    This is so great. Keeps me from spending a king's ransom to get a different look.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


  6. Lissa @ After Adornment Says:

    Great Ideas. Never would have thought about removing the rug! It really does give a dramatic change…and not a big deal in the summer. I'll have to remember this list when I get my place far enough along and am itching to change things.


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