December 16, 2011

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On the drive home last night I took some time to admire the holiday lights. Most of the homes were tastefully decorated, but there were a few homeowners that went overboard. Holiday decor, or any decor for that matter, is based on personal preference. You really should do what makes you happy unless of course your house is on the market. In this situation, you should show a little restraint and use decor with mass appeal.

The AJC recently interviewed me on this very topic. Here’s the advice I gave to sellers on decking the halls when the halls are for sale.

1. | Concentrate your decorating efforts on the front door, mantel, the kitchen, and dining room.
2. | Simple greenery does wonders for warming an entry. If you have double doors, please hang a wreath on each door.


3.| Keep decorations festive while also adding a few natural elements into the mix. Try to keep decor non-holiday specific.  You never know which holiday your potential buyer may celebrate.

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4.| Stacked logs and lanterns are an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Everyone can relate to cuddling fireside with a loved one or with a cup of cocoa. Save the holiday stockings for Christmas Eve instead of displaying them all month long. Potential buyers should be able to image themselves living in your home, not feel like they are intruding on your family’s personal time.

via Kay Douglass / House Beautiful

 Have you every tried selling your home during the holidays? Did you make any changes to your holiday decor? Please share your experiences.

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  1. Kenya@Greenhouse Says:

    Awesome tips, Erika!!! Great job!!!


  2. Amanda Says:

    Great tips Erika!! Those are ideas that work for anyone-whether your selling or not. Keep it simple and it will be lovely!


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