I apologize in advance for ruining your last days of summer with a mention of stacked firewood, but I just can’t help myself. At this very moment, the look on your face is probably the same look the Home Depot associate gave me when I asked for 12 bundles of firewood in the midst of 90 degree heat. Luckily they had a pallet stored in a shed and sold them to me for $1.00 per bundle! Nice!

I used the wood to fill my clients’ unused fireplace as a part of an ongoing design project. Hopefully, I’ll soon have more photos to share with you. Here’s a progress shot below. She has two little ones that couldn’t wait to cover themselves in the soot left by the previous homeowners [see inset] so I had to act fast. I absolutely love the results.


Unfortunately, I have a gas fireplace that doesn’t require real wood so I won’t be able to do something like this in my own home. The stacked wood has such a sculptural quality and the price can’t be beat.


If you actually plan to use your fireplace for a purpose other than storing wood, the option below would be a better fit.


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  1. Sing Says:

    I'd try it, love the rustic artistic look of it.


  2. Tonia Says:

    $1 Don't you love that price? I love looking to nature for inspiration. I may consider doing that with my fireplace since I won't be using it this Winter, but I prefer birch instead.


  3. Torie @amishhome Says:

    I would definitely try it! However I love using fireplaces, so my fave look is the one via Houzz with the monochromatic neutral scheme! Very calming! :)


  4. Holly Says:

    We were just able to start using our fireplace. We picked up a few stacks of fire wood last weekend, and I love having the small piles stacked on the hearth. The texture makes me giddy. Plus, have you seen the lasted Architectural Digest with Patrick Dempsey’s home? Oh my goodness do they ever have the biggest stacked wood element I’ve ever seen – it’s awesome.


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