September 28, 2011


Finding your decor style takes a bit of investigative work. Unless you work in the design industry or consider yourself a design enthusiast, you probably have trouble describing what you like but you are able to recognize it when you see it.

During a recent telephone design consultation, my client shared with me her new found love for mid-century furniture. While shopping one afternoon she realized that each piece she was drawn to had mid-century design influences. This discovery increased her confidence in her decorating decisions and helped me to better assist her. As the conversation progressed, I recognized that while she likes the form and shape of midcentury furniture she also likes ethnic decor.

West Elm has an affordable selection of mid-century reproductions and global accessories that together make a home look effortlessly chic. Take a look at this design inspiration board I created using only products from West Elm!

When you shop West Elm online and use your America Express Prepaid Card you receive FREE SHIPPING on selected items. Take a look:


From the decorative woven bowl wall art to the carved wood coffee table and terracotta lamp guests would never know these items were purchased from a local retailer and not from a shop on the coast of Africa. Layer upon layer of color and texture makes this virtual living room both comfortable and approachable.

What has been your experience in mixing decor styles? How would you describe your style?

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  1. Katrina Says:

    Personal Style is super hard to define, I guess mine would be California Casual – a mix of old and new and always comfy!


  2. Amanda Says:

    I'll take on of each please! Love this mix!


  3. Danielle Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been serching for a name to describe my style and you have hit the nail on the head. I love mid-century style and always think of the UN esthetic. Open uncluttered spaces with clean lines with shocks of global (I prefer East African) art.


  4. Laura Says:

    I describe mine as Glam Modern. I mix streamlined furniture pieces with sexy, soft textiles and modern art.


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