What are y’all doing? Was the #1 question I heard all Saturday when Dayka and I toted 15+ people around to 4 of the best thrifting spots in Atlanta. It all started with an afternoon phone call from an excited Rashon Carraway a.k.a. Mr. Goodwill Hunting about pulling together a nationwide shopping event, I Love Thrifting. I don’t remember him ever asking me to lead a group. I just kinda said yes.


So back to the question at hand, “What are y’all doing?”

We’re hunting bargains. We’re making new friends. We’re connected by a common interest. We’re making that dollar holler! We’re saving bucks, Chuck! Wouldn’t you ask the same question if you saw us standing in the aisles with matching shirts and posing for the camera?

Look at Sweet Anna on the far left. She joined us on assignment for HGTV, but it looks like she found a way to mix business with pleasure.


I wholeheartedly believe we had the best group of women shopping with us. Half of us raided the home decor section, the other half combed the clothing racks and would surface with $5 sequined jackets, ball gowns, and such. I declare they were a fancy bunch.


After the first rounds of introductions, we were instant friends. Not too close of friends though. We were all in competition to score the best finds our money could buy.


While no one fought Ellen for that rake, I did have to make sure I got my lampshades back from Sherry after taking this photograph. I purchased them both for $10 and in excellent condition.


This was the last photo before we took a break for lunch. We were smiling on the outside but hunger raged on the inside. See below. We noshed and networked at La Madeleine’s french cafe and geared up for the next stop. You guess it, another Goodwill.


More of the same went on here except this time we were joined by a television camera from 11Alive, one of Atlanta’s local news stations. No photos of this but I swear it happened. I got a tweet from a few folks saying they saw us on TV, but no video to prove that either. By this time, I was fried and needed a nap. On my way out the door, I spotted two of our group members who also shopped ’til they dropped.


If you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a treat. Here’s a free download of the thrifting tips Dayka and I pulled together for our guests. Dayka is the queen of vintage and she offers lots of valuable advice for anyone doing some discount shopping. Take a peek and let us know what you think! Until next time!


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  1. Sing Says:

    Looks like a fun time.


  2. Dayka (Life +Style) Says:

    GREAT wrap up post!


  3. decorativity Says:

    Erika, you and Dayka did such a great job leading us around Atlanta! We had so much fun. My mom had a great time too and was really impressed by how friendly everybody was. Here's her Facebook status afterwards :)
    "I spent yesterday morning with my Decorativity blogger daughter, doing one leg of this thrift store event. It was fun, and I got to meet lots of her design friends, very nice folks!"
    Cute huh? :)


  4. Tonia Says:

    Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. I’d be such a party poop, I like thrfting alone.


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