Most rooms can stand alone without an area rug, but with the right rug a space can go from so-so to sensational in an instant. This concept immediately brings to mind the power of a magic carpet. Its mysterious powers transports you to an enchanting place, much like the perfect rug captivates a well designed space.


Here’s a design by my friend Debbie Basnett where the all popular chevron rug is a game-changer in this otherwise traditional living room. Pinch-pleated drapery panels, an aged leather club chair and tailored sectional lean toward traditional until the chevron patterned rug shakes thing up. The rug’s zigzag shape relaxes the prim atmosphere and makes way for other playful accents like the fuzzy ottoman and glossy arc floor lamp.

My latest article for houzz takes a more in depth look at the mystery behind a fabulous area rug and encourages you to examine your own home to see where you can make the magic happen. No genie required!

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  1. Mr. Goodwill Hunting Says:

    The power of the rug.
    These are great examples of statement pieces.
    I certainly would like to get another rug.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


  2. Kari Says:

    mmmm, i love the room by Debbie Basnett. It's very simple, yet has a lot of depth. Makes me happy.


  3. Lori @ Lori May Interiors Says:

    I've been looking for the "right" rug for my living room for months. You have given me great inspiration to go out outside the box a bit. Love the article!


  4. eddieross Says:

    A rug can add so much interest to a room. I think it is very important, and although most rugs can be expensive, you can always find some good deals too!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Stephanie Sabbe Says:

    love me a good, bold rug!


  6. Joanna Says:

    Very nice rugs especially the first and the second picture! It goes well with the overall design. Simple but with class! Nice post, check out also 3D Rendering


  7. Lexi Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bottom area rug. That really makes me want to change my living room to a shade of orange with a fabulous area rug like that.


  8. Amelia@TrulyWindChimes Says:

    Carpets and rugs can really highlight any living room's interior design especially if they math the wall and the curtains.

    I love the tiger-skin carpet. It accentuated the wooden table. I would love to buy this carpet soon as it also matches the wooden wind chimes in my living room.


  9. Florence Carole Says:

    I'd love to see that Susan Harris rug in my living room. I have to agree that having the right rug can determine the overall aesthetic of the living room layout.

    dining room sets for sale


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