Here kitty-kitty…
Vivacious and primitive, leopard print is nothing new, but it continues to defy traditional patterns found in home furnishings and accessories. The animal itself symbolizes bravery, courage, stealth and strength, and I believe a decorator who uses this pattern also possesses those same qualities. Its connotations range from playful to luxurious, and its attention-grabbing pattern enhances any decor style.

living room contemporary living room

An neo-traditional conversation area with layers of sophistication receives an instant update from a bergere chair bedecked in leopard.

Brentwood Regency Estate
Elizabeth Dinkel
A soothing overall palette of cream and brown provides a relaxing backdrop and allows for a little spontaneity from the printed ottoman.

Ashley Goforth
Because of its bold print, just a touch of leopard goes a long way. Accent pillows and side chair finish the room and also makes it easier for the homeowner to transition to another style when ready.

Honestly, it’s only been within the past year that I’ve grown to like leopard prints. And later writing this ideabook for piqued my interested even more. What I love most about leopard is its feisty appeal and unexpected presence. How about you?

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  1. Tammy@InStitches Says:

    Meow, I do love it. Must be the Leo in me !


  2. courtneyoutloud Says:

    I own leopard print shoes, but have not graduated to loving it on furniture. I am still a fan of the zebra myself. So does that mean since you like leopard and I like zebra that we are now mortal enemies? :)


  3. The Sister Sophisticate Says:

    That last picture with the black leather upholstered bed and leopard pillow on top of crisp white bedding is sharp!


  4. P.S. I love this... Says:

    I have loved leopard since elementary school. I remember my mom buying me a leopard print jacket for school and LOVING IT!!! I wanted to wear it everywhere with everything. I totally love it for furniture.. as with anything.. in moderation.


  5. Lori @ Lori May Interiors Says:

    I really like leopard, whether it be for home or fashion. I think it looks best when it's made special by using just a touch in a room or with an outfit.

    I'm actually thinking of using a bit of it in my 7 year old's new room design!


  6. theLENNOXX Says:

    Ohh I love a great animal print! With leopard I definitely agree that a little goes a long way. These are all such gorgeous examples of the perfect way to incorporate the leopard print *swoon*

    xo Linda


  7. Niki McNeill Says:

    I need those pillows in my life!!


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