Two brothers take the plunge from “crib-dom” to unchartered waters in their new nautical inspired bedroom. room photography by Katlyne Hill

My recent projects are the most near and dear to my heart…my kids rooms. Today I share with you the room I designed for my two sons.

The Inspiration
From watching movies Finding Nemo, Shark Tales, and The Reef to chatting about sand and surf in the days leading up to their first beach vacation, the kids have been infatuated with all things ocean related. I stumbled upon these adorable Sea and Me sheet sets and pillow covers at Target, marked down to practically nothing, I knew they were the perfect starting point for this room design.

Seeing Stripes
When decorating on a tight budget, paint gives the most impact for your decorating dollar. Painting stripes is an added bonus because it eliminates the need for wall decor, but at the same time gives the space interest. Furthermore, horizontal stripes makes a space appear wider, more expansive. The three colors used were Ebbtide SW6493, Jetstream SW6492 , and Marquis Orange 6650 all by Sherwin Williams.

Treasure Hunt
I found a Ikea Malm twin bed frame on Craigslist for $80. When I mentioned to the seller that I was looking for two frames he then told me he had a set. I bought both bed frames for $130…such a deal! Other great deals included $1.99 picture frames (Michaels) and the lifesaver for $8.00 (Marshall’s). The baskets for toy storage were $14.99 and $12.99 (HomeGoods).

About Face
With my limited sewing skills, I managed to create this book sling from a fitted sheet, wooden dowels, and double rod curtain brackets. Designed for little ones who are unable to read the titles from the book spines, they can now easily see the covers of their bedtime favorites.

Thanks for climbing aboard with me and the boys on our fantastic voyage. Be sure to meet me back next week for the reveal of my daughter’s room!

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  1. Robynne Says:

    Wow! This came out amazing :) You are definitely right about the power of paint!!!

    I'm so excited to see your daughter's room too!


  2. niki.mac Says:

    This looks phenomenal Erika!! Great job :)


  3. Karla {Kerrisdale Design Inc} Says:

    Fabulous! You did an amazing job and your adorable boys have a wonderful room for playing, reading, sleeping.

    Were the stripes hard to do? I had contemplated doing some {more tone on tone} for Ben's room to add some character, as it's pretty blah architectural-wise. You've inspired me!



  4. L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys Says:

    I absolutely love their room, Erika! The sneak peaks you sent me do not compare to seeing the actual room! I know that Evan and Dallas are super excited about their room.

    This is definitely a job more than well done! Oh, and two rooms done at the same time? Yeah, we need to go out for drinks;-)


  5. Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design Says:

    Great job!! It looks awesome! I am sure the boys love it!!!!


  6. Heather J Says:

    The room looks great. I am sure that your boys love it!


  7. Will @ Bright.Bazaar Says:

    Oh my goodness, Erika! This room is down right FABULOUS! You have such a talent. The use of orange really makes me smile. Can't wait to see what you have done in your daughter's room. Have a lovely weekend. Will


  8. Tammy@InStitches Says:

    I love it and I bet your boys do too !


  9. Sing Says:

    Yu did a great job, it's like something in a magazine. But then, you are a professional designer so I expected nothing less. Great job again!


  10. charm home Says:

    This room is so stinkin' cute! You did an amazing job. The colors are so fun and bright. It's also not too baby-ish so they will be able to keep this room for a while. Great job. Katlyn did a great job on the photography as well. Kudos to you all the way around! -c


  11. Mrs Modern Country Says:

    I love your comment about getting more bank for your buck with paint. That's so true!


  12. L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys Says:

    Erika, the first time I saw the room,I was on my phone. Wowza! This room is absolutely amazing! Kuddos to you, momma! Isn't it great to do work for clients that are dear to your heart? It makes it totally worth it at the end. I can't wait to see Ava's room. She is my little doll baby:-)

    Have a great weekend my friend!


  13. L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys Says:

    Oh, and Katlyn did a great job on the photography! I can't wait to use her in the near future!

    And you did not tell me that you made the little book sling! ummm, yeah I need one please!!! Oh, and the colors are perfect too! So is the light fixture!
    That is all!


  14. AKing Says:

    I am in LOVE with the orange in this room. My favorite color is orange, but I'm terrified to use it in the house – my house is ALL neturals. great job


  15. Mrs. Chic Says:

    Erika – your boys room turned out so nice! I love the impact of the colors on the walls and the room arrangement allowing plenty of room for play! Love the orange dot pillows, everything looks so great! Well Done :)


  16. Mackenzie {Design Darling} Says:

    So perfect! The stripes are brilliant. As an aside, I love the way you break up your posts :) Have a great weekend!


  17. stylesuite Says:

    Such a fabulous room.


  18. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow Says:

    Thanks everyone for the kudos on my design job. If anyone is interested in more info about painting stripes or how to make the book sling, I'll be glad to do a tutorial. Just let me know!


  19. Hello Lover... Says:

    Adorable! The stripes turned out amazing!


  20. The Zhush Says:

    I am in love with this! That book sling…are you kidding me? Amazing! Can not wait to see your daughters room!


  21. Jonesie Says:

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! I'm so excited about how this room turned out and can't wait for your daughter's room reveal. Maybe you could give a tutorial on how to map out the stripes, I've been thinking of doing this in our guest room but haven't the slightest idea how to start. Great Job!!


  22. Jonesie Says:

    Just wanted to stop by to let you know you were featured on my blog today, stop by some time and check it out


  23. pk @ Room Remix Says:

    This room is so cute! I love the color scheme, stripes, the wall grouping, the book sling. Awesome!


  24. Destination Seaborn Says:

    Hot diggity dog! I LOVE the stripes! This room is awesome! Lisa


  25. Aja Says:

    WOW! This room is fantastic! I love the colors you chose and the book sling- great idea! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely get in touch if I run into any trouble with my stripes. Thank you!!


  26. Claire Watkins, ASID allied Says:

    WOW! I love it all! I love the bold use of complementary colors, I love the graphic stripe, I love the light fixture! Way to go-I know that little guy went
    C-R-A-Z-Y when he saw the room you created for him!


  27. LindsB Says:

    Love the colors!! What an awesome room to grow up in, love it all!! You are amazing!


  28. Pink Inc. Says:

    You are truely Talented!Great attention to details I love it!


  29. Richa Says:

    Such an enchanting room. The color combination is so perfect for little boys.

    Thanks for sharing.


  30. pk @ Room Remix Says:

    Hi Erika! I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to include this room in an upcoming DIY post and link back, if that's okay with you. Hope you're having a great week!


  31. Sonya Says:

    Might I ask what color you used for the yellow/tan stripes? I just received word we're going to adopt a baby boy NEXT MONTH and I'm going to copy this room–I have NO time to be creative on my own, I'm far too meticulous and unimaginative! I totally love this room and love that you listed the other colors (and hope you don't mind my borrowing some of your awesome sense of style!)…please please help me out with the final color!


  32. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow Says:

    To Sonya: Congratulations on your new arrival!! I'm truly flattered that you've chosen my sons' room as inspiration. The tan color (stripe) was the existing paint color when we moved in. The closest color I've found to match would be Macadamia by Sherwin Williams. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have other questions!


  33. La Monica Says:

    I LOVE this room! First, it's so nice to see little boys rooms in designland. I have fallen in love w/the color orange in boys' rooms and I've been looking for ideas to incorporate it for my lil guy's room. Your sons' room has inspired me so much. The stripes really stand out and I'm thinking about giving it a try. May I ask the source of that awesome orange rug?


  34. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow Says:

    To La Monica,
    Thanks so much! It is sometimes hard to find boys room inspiration, there's three times the inspiration for girls!

    The rug was purchased at IKEA:


  35. Sonya Says:

    Sweet, oh thank you, Erika! I'm looking for similar sheets, I know Target doesn't sell them anymore, so please gimme a holler if you happen to come across something, because those are so darn adorable. In the meantime I'll use plain sheets for the crib. Where did you find your pillow? I love that print! Again, thanks for your help and your well-wishes. I'm totally in love with your blog, so glad I found it! :)


  36. La Monica Says:

    Thanks Erika for the source of the rug. I was secretly hoping you'd say Ikea. lol


  37. Sherri Cassara Says:

    Oh wow! This is so incredibly cute. Absolutely perfect in my book! Clean, simple, bright and cheery and super creative and colorful without being overwhelming. You did an amazing job. I am getting ready to go out for a consult on a 2 year old boys room – thanks for the inspiration! I love the book sling. And I love that you used Ikea and Marshalls. Great design does NOT need to be expensive. And don't you just love when you find something so perfect at Marshalls… that makes it even more fun. Great job! I wish I could know that my painter would paint the stripes as well.


  38. Erika at BluLabel Bungalow Says:

    Wow, thanks so much Sherri! I'm sure your painter will make you proud. No worries!


  39. Maria Killam Says:

    I totally love this post, I'm going to feature it on my art post this week! You rock Erika!


  40. Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage Says:

    Do you know where I can find some of that fabric that you used for the book sling? I'm decorating my nursery in a nautical theme and that fabric would be -perfect- for the bumpers! Thanks:)


  41. Lesley Says:

    This room is fantastic. I love the stripes on the walls and the inspiration you used. I love the fact that it is inspired and not a theme. I have the same orange polka dot pillow cover in green in my son’s room. It’s so fun. I also adore the beds, they in no way look like toddler beds yet they are low enough to the ground that they are safe for the boys. Great job! I love everything.



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