May 18, 2010

window coverings

I am VERY pleased. He is very pleased…

It took about 2 hours to install the drapery and 30 minutes to rearrange the furniture.  I couldn’t wait to prepare today’s post so I took the “after” photo late last night.  It’s amazing how window treatments can change the entire look of the space.

I’m sure you see the unruly cable cord under the end tables.  We completely rearranged the furniture so the television is now on the opposite side of the room. I’m calling the cable company today to request a new outlet!

The coffee table is a hand-me-down that we’ve owned for 4 years now. My youngest thinks it’s a stage and used it to practice his dance moves much to my dismay. Not looking for a new one any time soon. I intentionally did not show the fireplace wall because it needs work. The fireplace is in great shape, but we haven’t found the right items for the mantel display.

I’m sure the next question is regarding privacy. The back of our house faces a wooded area and the backyard is fenced on all sides. We’re going to live with the openness for a minute and maybe even streak through the room naked just for fun (kidding).

Here’s a little survey: Would you be concerned about the openness? If so, what window option would you consider for the lower windows?

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  1. Tina Steele Lindsey Says:

    Good heavens I can't image how many yards of drapery that is! But gorgeous!!!! I would clap my hands every time I entered the room.
    As far as the openness is concerned, I don't know how to address that! You could always do something on the lowers if you felt uncomfortably exposed.


  2. Jonesie Says:

    Oh that looks FANTABULOUS!!! Your living room looks so rich now! I wouldn't mind the openess if I was not in NYC but if it became an issue I would do those roman shades that lift from the bottom up so that it doesn't block all your light but still keeps somethings private.
    Great job you two!


  3. Dayka (Life +Style) Says:

    This looks great, Erika! It's definitely dramatic and evokes a warm, cozy feel. Great selections.


  4. adjustable beds Says:

    Very Elegant, stylish and luxurious i wonder if my budget fits with our idea looks expensive but i love all the details and fabrics corporate with the furniture


  5. Claire Watkins, ASID allied Says:

    Oh my goodness, you are right- the curtains added so much to the room. They completely changed the feeling. Looks great! Uhm, I vote for a video aided post starring your little man dancing on your coffee table. I better he is too cute!


  6. Tammy@InStitches Says:

    They look great ! If you don't need the privacy then I would leave them as is.


  7. Emily A. Clark Says:

    Looks great! Those double windows are always so tricky. I really like the color of the drapes–so warm.

    As for me, I keep my shades open most of the time (and we definitely don't live in a private neighborhood!). I just like the open feel. If you don't feel creeped out at night, I wouldn't worry about it.


  8. wande-ladyee Says:

    The drapes look awesome Erika! Love them. We also have two story windows on the back and left sides of our home. It took 75 yards of fabric and about 3 hrs to put them up.


  9. L. Duncan Says:

    Okay I guess I'll be the odd ball and say I like the windows without the drapes (I know I know). I guess it depends on the look you want. And as for privacy, I don't know. The drapes are dupioni right? If so, I wouldn't add anything to them to take away from their richness. They definitely changed the space!

    Great job!


  10. Heather Says:

    Wow, what a difference. and lucky you with those high ceilings.
    As for the shades, leave them open, let the sunshine in!


  11. Divamom-Act II Says:

    Great job on the drapes! Live with them for a while and see if you get used to the open-ness. I wouldn't add to them unless privacy became a concern.


  12. Janell @ Isabella and Max Says:

    The difference is striking. The wall went from cold and uninteresting to warm and beautiful with the lines and shine of the fabric! I wouldn't worry about the open windows. One thing you can do to make the windows not seem like black holes at night is to install some landscape lighting at the areas outside the windows. This will create a glow outside the windows at night.


  13. Marija Says:

    Such a difference! The openness certainly doesn't bother me. I think adding shades could get really tricky. Though I like Janell's tip about adding landscape lighting!


  14. niki.mac Says:

    I wouldn't be concerned about the openness, but if you are, maybe some sheers close to the color of your walls? I think the drapes with the open windows look STUNNING tho! Great job 😉


  15. DECORICA Says:

    Your room and windows looks so nice. I'm glad he likes it too. I think for a sense of privacy, I might add semi-opaque cellular shades to the bottom windows, just to use occasionally. But I love Janell's idea of outside landscape lighting!


  16. Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage Says:

    A fabulous dramatic change. However, I would have placed them just below the top windows, and that way you could have easily added panels underneath for privacy.


  17. Mrs. Chic Says:

    Very nice, love the long curtains and the rings and hardware!! It turned out great!

    I like the openess, love all my blinds open all and night, if woods were behind our house and fenced! …I'd be ok with it :)


  18. Anonymous Says:

    wow!! this is gorgeous!!! totally changes the vibe! i agree with the use of adjustable cellular shades on the bottom windows if you ever need additional privacy. honestly, i think that using sheers or any curtains on those windows would ruin the flow.


  19. Lila Says:

    Gorgeous! I'm wondering where you got the fabric. I have a really tall room with gorgeous windows and I'm debating whether to make the drapes/curtains or buy them…hmmm…
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets


  20. Tamstyles Says:

    CHile I am to scary to leave mine open…I mean scary. But love the look..very very nice. Yall did good.


  21. Talking with Tami Says:

    You have alot of friends with the name Tami, tee hee very nice! Me likey!


  22. Denetra Says:

    Love the look. You hit the nail on the head with the design. If you don't need the privacy, leave as is. If you do, what about plantation blinds for the bottom??


  23. Hello Lover... Says:

    Wow! those draperies made a huge difference – looks great!


  24. Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors Says:

    Great window treatment selection! Those 2 story windows are a designer's worst nightmare- they make for expensive treatments and tricky installation. You did a super job! IMHO- if you find you are bugged at night by the open windows, take a gander at wood blinds or shutters with wide (like 2 1/2" or 3")louvers finished in the same color as your trim, on the bottom row of windows. That way they won't be dwarfed by the big scale of the room. I also like the idea of trying the exterior lighting to help. And I agree with you- always nervous every install, no matter how many I do.


  25. Pink Inc. Says:

    I love the drapes .I think they look great in your space it adds a sense of drama and richness to room now all you need is a nice rug and decorative accents to really make the room POP! It's looks great in there .I want some Ceiling to Floor drapes myself .Who did you use or where did you buy the drapes?


  26. Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow Says:

    Thank you friends for your commments and suggestions!!

    Here's some answers to your FAQ…
    My drapery was custom made by Beautiful Windows, Beautiful Home here in Atlanta. The contact number is 770.306.0571

    I purchased the hardware from Award Fabrics (to the trade only). You also have the option of purchasing hardware through Beautiful Windows, Beautiful Home.


  27. LindsB Says:

    Wow, that is quite the install project! But for all the work, it was so worth it. The curtains look great, I cant imagine the room without them now


  28. Hamptontoes Says:

    Nice look. I would not be concerned about the openness unless neighbors can see right in. If that is the case, then I'd love top down/bottom up romans on the lower half.


  29. Kelly@TearingUpHouses Says:

    that's a lot of drapery. you might think it would make everything feel covered or tight, but instead it makes the windows and the entire room feel larger!

    very VERY nice!



  30. Sarah La Rose Says:

    Erika, the living room and drapery look fantastic!!! You must be so pleased. The drapes bring warmth and luxuriousness to the room. You must not want to leave the room. Great job!!


  31. Adrienne S. Says:

    I have to agree with Lakeitha, I really liked the windows without the curtains. They're to die for! But they do add warmth to the space.


  32. Tristana Harvey Says:

    Erika, the room looks great with the new drapes! I love how you live with a room to find its voice. It helps non-designers like me know that a room comes together over time not all at once.


  33. Anonymous Says:

    Work it out E! A subtle change with a major {wow factor} impact.



  34. Allie and Pattie Says:

    We did the same thing only I always make my own draperies and my husband installed. Ours hang from iron hooks. We did put woven wood shades on the lowers not so much for privacy as for glare with the TV- you'll have to see how that works for you when the sun is out. Great job


  35. Atticmag Says:

    That's a superb treatment — and not an easy one — for those windows. Looks great with the house, the furniture and greatly enhances the room. Trust you're thrilled (you should be!). As for bottoms, I'd go with very simple solar roller shades that basically disappear into the top of the window frame when rolled up. But I'm sure you've had a million suggestions. Hope you'll have time to stop by and see our kitchen. Jane F.


  36. Laura Ingalls Gunn Says:

    What an amazing transformation! You are so clever!


  37. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages Says:

    Just beautiful..elegant! No, I would not care about the openess…not at all.


  38. Anita B Says:

    I also have a two story family and would love to add long drapes. Just out of curiosity, where can i find drapes this long? and also, is it better for me to get a contractor to install them due to the height. Has anyone else tackled this themselves?


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