Yesterday was a VERY good day. I had my office painted the most beautiful shade of bluish-gray (ICI Dulux- Souvenir color matched by my buddies at Sherwin Williams).  Doing this really made the space open up and feel clean even though right now everything is in shambles.  After clearing the room, I was so reluctant to bring all of my stuff back in here without a well thought out organization plan…but I had to anyway.  See the before here.

This is the Expedit Bookcase by Ikea (as if you didn’t know). Coveted internationally because of its price, classic design, and functionality I had to have one.  Some decorators/designers despise anything from Ikea, I suppose its because most of their wood furniture is not made of solid wood, but MDF (medium-density fiberboard).  Whatever the case I think it’s okay as long as your home doesn’t look like an Ikea catalog.  It’s all about styling your bookcase and displaying items that make you feel good. Check out these spaces where the Expedit is used and you be the judge…

Which design is your favorite? Do you own an Expedit?
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20 Responses to “ODE TO THE EXPEDIT”

  1. DesignTies Says:

    I don't have an Expedit, but I do have a couple of Ikea pieces in my office that look and work great in the room :-) And a Lack shelf in the family room that holds all the AV equipment and a few knicknacks :-)

    I love the look of the artwork hanging on the front of your bookcase :-)

    I think I like Expedit Euphoria best, because the room is funky and cool :-)



  2. Isabella & Max Rooms Says:

    It's all about the mix! Great images you've shown. A house done with all or too much Ikea wouldn't hold up well for very long and would look like an Ikea store. But, some of their pieces are great, as you've demonstrated!


  3. Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} Says:

    Let me pull my bookcases out of the box already


  4. Mrs. Chic Says:

    I agree with you, aslong as your home its a ikea showroom – its great to sue Ikea. Your Expedit looks great in your office.

    I've been thinking about adding smaller Expedit to flank our tv in our living room?


  5. PetiteAsianGirl Says:

    My fave shown is Expedit Elite! I like the woven boxes making it less "Ikea." I have the 2X4 at home and have it lying on it's side as a TV stand w/ storage.

    Keisha showed me your blog … keep up the great work!


  6. Rachel @ La Bella Bungalow Says:

    I'm gonna have to go with EXPEDIT EUPHORIA- as much as I love the ones with the baskets and boxes, I have a problem with "outta sight, outta mind". And I also can't help but think about the Euphoria picture being MY office someday. Love it!


  7. Q. Says:

    love this…especially since i have an expedit as well :+)


  8. ashlina Says:

    oh erika. why must you be so cool? i own the smaller expedit. dying for the big one, just have NO room.
    LOVE this post….love how its shown in so many ways..


  9. Dreams of Perfection Says:

    I totally agree! As long as you style to your personality. Your office is coming along beautifully :o)


  10. Kerry Says:

    That was a great post…hmmm, think bookcase rearranging is on this weekend's agenda!


  11. my favorite and my best Says:

    i DO own an expedit!! it's in fiona's room. my fave of your pics is the one with the baskets and tags. looks great in that room.


  12. Tamstyles Says:

    damn…looks great. all images. i cant pick one..i have the lack shelf though….you have a job girl.


  13. Jonesie Says:

    I have an Expedit in my son's room and with baskets his room is so much neater (when we leave the toys in there) but it does help without making the place look too heavy. Love the new colour by the way :-)


  14. Anna Says:

    I love the first and second…and last image…I love how its all arranged and looks balance..and not too many baskets ..which can be a bit overkill.
    Love the round table featured with it…a cute little place to read!


  15. Redesign Diva Says:

    I like the second image with the zebra rug, I also love the way you took a photo and began to organize from it.

    Thanks it gives ma an idea on how to tackle my room. That bookcase is nice but I have no room for one…dang!


  16. Sally@DivineDistractions Says:

    I love the elite and the efficient, but I'm more of a euphoria kind of girl. I'm a stacker, and although I'd love to think I could keep everything I needed in beautiful trays and baskets, I'd end up stacking things somewhere else so that I didn't mess up the beautiful organization! So give me some open space to do my thing. It may not be the most beautiful, but work is about function.


  17. The Budget Brides Handbook Says:

    I have a smaller one attached to my desk. I am in love with the Expedit Eclectic and Euphoria. Amazing images!!


  18. Caroline Says:

    Love them all but elegance wins. Atta girl!


  19. keely @ luxe + lillies Says:

    These are awesome! I own an expedit too, but it doesn't look as fabulous as any of these!


  20. Marie @ M2JL STUDIO Says:

    I currently own two tall skinny Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. My ultimate goal is to do something similar to the "Expedit Euphoria" photo for all my books and binders :)

    Great blog BTW!


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