4 Ways to Save Money on Your Design Job

The new year comes with new resolutions and if you are reading this blog, I’m sure one of them has to do with decorating. I’m currently assisting a client, Marie, in redesigning her home office on a tight budget. Little did she know, she had more to work with than she initially thought and is pleasantly surprised to be already 80% complete. By using what she already had and following the suggestions below, my client saved precious design dollars and is soon ready to tackle the next room. Here’s 4 ways you can, too!

1. Take Inventory

First, make a list of items you have in the space that are working for you. In this case, Marie has a great desk, storage for books, and tons of file storage. Then, make a list of items or furnishings you need in order to make the space function for its intended purpose. Marie doesn’t need much for this space other than paint and accessories.

2. Hold an Audition

Look around the house for items that capture the look you are going for. Audition them for a spot in your new room. Marie’s current office is cluttered and very stoic, far from the “feminine-but not fussy” look she’s requesting. I suggested that she move the bookcase and file cabinets into the closet and replace the bookcase with a curvy dresser I found the in the closet of a neighboring bedroom. She had a great lamp in the Master Bedroom that she was willing to relocate it to the office.

3. Become a Painter
Marie is not a professional painter, but she thoroughly enjoys it and does a very good job. If you on the other hand detest it solicit help from a friend who knows what they’re doing..just save the beer (and pizza) for when the job is complete. I suggested she paint the window wall Coral Reef and the other three in Wool Skein (both Sherwin Williams Paints). Below is the color inspiration for this design.

4. Seek Professional Help
Maria Killam said it best, “Hire a professional for everything you can’t do professionally yourself.” Based on my assessment and Marie’s design preferences, here is a quick sketch and a mood board I put together for her to use as a guide.

Receiving professional help from the beginning can alleviate frustration and prevent you from spending money on items you really don’t need. For this design, Marie simply purchased paint, curtains, a curtain rod, 1 yard of fabric, and a lamp to complete her home office decor. Stay tuned for the final reveal!

If you would like to schedule an online or in-home design consultation (Metro Atlanta area), please email me at info{at}erikaward.com or call (404) 507-6110

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7 Responses to “4 Ways to Save Money on Your Design Job”

  1. LifestyleBohemia Says:

    Thank you for the ideas and inspiration. I am currently renovating my new home and will have to focus on m home office soon, so this is extremely helpful. The ikea desk is a definite candidate for me.


  2. Maria Killam Says:

    Hey I waiting for the after photo :) Maybe it's coming. Thanks so much for the mention too!! Love the coral colour, I've been walking around for years with a similar one in my wallet because I'd like to use it somewhere!


  3. Q. Says:

    love the ideas an inspiration…especially color palette. but, really love sketch…i'm a fan! looking good! :+)


  4. Mi Vida Bonita Says:

    Lovely tips! Thanks for stopping by Mi Vida Bonita. I have added you to my lovely blog list.


  5. SogniSorrisi Says:

    Some great tips!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Great Job! I'm still your number 1 fan and can't wait to see your work on HGTV!

    I believe in YOU!!!



  7. Ebony Looney Says:

    I appreciate the thought that went behind this room makeover. When I started organizing my home office, I was overwhelmed, too. Thanks for tips. I like the planning board sketch.


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