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Ava’s Bedroom Update Part 2

January 29, 2010


This week has been so busy that I’ve been unable to spend quality time on Ava’s Room.  The hem job on her panels is proof…sad, I know.  I used Stitch Witchery Iron-on Hem Tape (which is okay) but I really should’ve taken the time to precisely measure the length instead of just eyeballing it.  I’ve […]

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Tall Tales: The Makings of a Two Story Family Room

January 25, 2010


On Saturday, by default (he didn’t want to look for the remote), my husband watched an episode of Christopher Lowell’s show on the Fine Living Network where he designed this two story living room. Then his grumbling began about our two story family room. We then started to discuss a wish list for the room. […]

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Fashion Friday: Sika Designs’ Upcoming Collection

January 22, 2010


Not to be a tease…but here’s a glimpse of Sika Designs’ upcoming collection.   Owner and Fashion Designer Phyllis Taylor sent over exclusive photos of the collection not yet featured on her site.  I will gather more details and hopefully an interview with her about her inspiration for the new line.  Currently she’s splitting her time […]

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