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Brake for Beauty: Essie’s New Fall Collection

August 25, 2009

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With autumn creeping up on us, though you wouldn’t know it here in HotLanta, there is still time to show off a mani/pedi in one of Essie’s new fall collection colors. With names like Chinchilly, Pink Parka, and Mink Muffs, I feel the cool, crisp autumn breeze already.Looking at the new palette, I am instantly […]

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Custom Wall Art Using Paint Pens

August 24, 2009


“Good taste and design are by no means dependent upon money” -David Hicks Amen, David Hicks! I couldn’t agree more with this week’s design quote. After reviewing my design plan for our home and then reviewing my actual design budget, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will be performing more DIY projects than I […]

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Fall 2009 BLB Color & Trend Forecast #6 – Mid-Century Modern

August 21, 2009


Happy Friday and welcome to the final segment of BLB’s Color and Trend Forecast. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much I have writing it. In case you missed any segment of the series, click the titles below to view previous post. #1 – HD Elegance#2 – Exotic Destinations#3 – Anime Luxe#4 – […]

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Fall 2009 BLB Color & Trend Forecast #5 – Hollywood Regency

August 20, 2009


Fall 2009 BLB Color and Trend Forecast #5 is Hollywood Regency. This style is one of my favorites simply because of its worldly influences. You will find Moroccan, Asian, and European influences in furnishing and accessories coexisting harmoniously in one space. It’s romantic, graceful, nostalgic, and archival. I purposely chose not to feature a color […]

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Fall 2009 BLB Color & Trend Forecast #4 – Stylish Sustainablilty

August 19, 2009


Reconstruction, regeneration, sustainability, and (eco) responsibility are buzzwords that inspired BluLabel’s Color and Trend Forecast #4 – Stylish Sustainability. Though BLB has named Stylish Sustainability as trend, the hope is that practices are not temporal, but become incorporated into your decorating process. The rising popularity of consumer eco-sensitivity has given rise to a wider and […]

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Fall 2009 BLB Color & Trend Forecast #3 – Anime Luxe

August 16, 2009


“I owe my color sense to crayons.” – Angelo Rafael Donghia BluLabel Bungalow continues this week with the Fall 2009 Color and Trend Forecast with #3 Anime Lux. If you happened to miss #2 – Exotic Destinations (click here), and #1 – HD Elegance (click here). Anime is an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of “animation,” […]

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Fall 2009 BLB Color & Trend Forecast #2 – Exotic Destinations

August 14, 2009


BLB Color & Trend Forecast #2 – Exotic Destinations emphasized the uniqueness of the region, rich, organic hues, and has a “style without borders” attitude. Identifying your ancestral roots and incorporating them into our home environment establishes a connection with your predecessors and instills a sense of reverence and pride in your respective culture. Exotic […]

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