July 14, 2015



It isn’t often that I get to use an electrifying color like hot pink in my design projects. However, when I see an opportunity I jump in with both feet. I like using saturated colors in small doses to create high impact. It makes a huge difference especially in small living spaces. The outdoor patio belongs to my Broughton Square  client. You may remember when I redesigned the living room (a Pinterest favorite), the dining room, master bedroom,and the foyer (photos coming soon). The look I’m going for here is tailored like the rest of the home, but because it’s an outdoor space I wanted the colors to be more vibrant.

Usually I start with fabric as my inspiration, but when I came across this magenta self-watering planter it became my starting point.Lechuza-SelfWatering-Planters

Not only was I smitten by the color, I was also intrigued by its clever sub-irrigation system.

What’s a sub-irrigation system?

It’s a system that provides your plant with the water and nutrients is needs for up to three months! So even if you don’t have a green thumb this planter makes watering easy and hassle-free especially if you travel frequently.

Next, I sourced this woven fuchsia tray now on sale at World Market for $11.49! Though we’re halfway through the summer now is a great time to redesign your patio. Trust me, you can score some excellent deals. And if you live in a warm city like Atlanta, you can enjoy your space well into the fall months.

Fuchsia Outdoor Tray

 Lastly, I pulled the scheme together with pillows, pillows, and more pillows!


All of the pillows are make with Sunbrella fabrics. They are softer and more comfortable, yet are fade resistant, durable and easy to clean even with bleach. You can pretty much leave them out all winter, but I’d recommend bringing them in so they last longer. 

Ok, so here’s the entire plan…Broughton_Outdoor_FurniturePlan_ErikaWardInteriors


I’m sure you’re curious about the outdoor lighting, right? I’ve got a great combination of outdoor-safe plug in lamps as well as a tea light candelabra that really sets the mood for rest and relaxation. More on that later. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the furniture and rug.



I’d love to show you awesome pics of the finished space, but you’ll have to wait for the next post! Until then, head out and purchase some of those self-watering planters. Here’s Justin installing the flower boxes with the same sub-irrigation mechanism. You’d be surprised how easy it is!




Have you used hot pink lately?


Indulge me! 


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July 12, 2015



If I told you a bedroom makeover would instantly transform your sex life, what would you say? 

 “Oh, I know she didn’t go there.”

Oh yes I did.

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day to a master bedroom suite that is inviting, relaxing, and dare I say romantic. In reality, more than we are willing to admit, our bedroom is anything but sexy. It serves multiple functions which all overshadow its main function—a romantic environment for sleeping and sex.

Current research has shown:

  • Watching TV in bed is bad for intimacy. Couples experience less conversation with one another and miss out on meaningful quality time.  
  • Sharing a bed with the kids won’t allow you to transition from being parents to being lovers.
  • Working on your laptop in bed, or in the bedroom lowers melatonin levels resulting in difficulties getting settled and insomnia.

In fact, the cell phone needs to go too.

Another survey found that 75% of Americans say they’re within five feet of their smartphone most of the time and one in 10 check their phones during sex. Yikes!

Well, I’m proud to say we took this bedroom from technology central (thank goodness you can’t see the makeshift computer lap desk in this picture) to Temptation Island.



So what changed here?


1. We painted the walls Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams and added luxurious wallpaper by J.F. Fabrics to the focal wall. The wallpaper’s romantic scroll pattern with metallic finish helped to make the entire room feel luxurious. Yes, wallpaper can be pricey but a little goes a long way.

2. The bedding was upgraded to an elegant comforter featuring a jacquard diamond pattern. Notice the bedding design mimics, but doesn’t compete with the wallpaper. Coordinating gold throw pillows featuring elaborate trims and tassels give a custom look to retail bedding. 

3. The clients only had one nightstand so I purchased this pedestal table for the other side of bed. It goes to show that bedside tables don’t have to match. They only need to have similar scale to keep things balanced.

Ellsworth Pedestal Table

4. I continued adding brightness to the room with a pair of lamps featuring a nautilus shell in a champagne finish. I love how the acrylic base makes the lamp shine even brighter. On the nightstand, I also added a dainty tiered jewelry tray to hold her treasured pieces close. 

MasterMakeover_Luxury65. I believe every bedroom should have a sitting area if space permits. Here, a pair of ivory chairs with nailhead trim provides a place for a morning cup of coffee or a place to enjoy a glass of wine together before bed.

6. Behind the chairs are two pairs of custom made silk drapery panels in gold leaf.  There’s nothing like silk to bring a luminous finish to your window coverings.

MasterMakeover_Luxury8Honestly, it’s none of my business what goes down in their boudoir. My only concern is that whatever they do, they do it in sophistication and style.


Mission accomplished! 

Want to make the magic happen? Then let’s set the atmosphere. Call or click here to see how we can help! (404) 507-6110 or 

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July 6, 2015

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Start with a carpet.

That’s been the rule for almost a year on The Clifton Road project. Each room, except the family room, features a traditional Persian rug. Modern decorating with Persian rugs offers a challenge for many. They hold both monetary and sentimental value to the homeowner so replacing them usually is non-negotiable. However, the goal has always been to incorporate the rugs and other antiques into the home while also representing the youthful spirit of the people who live there.

Here’s a BEFORE shot:


And here’s a PROGRESS photo…What changed here?



1.  The room was cleared to make way for the new/old rug. The predominate colors featured are red, black, and there’s even a touch of green. When deciding on which color I wanted to use for drapery, I knew I wanted to steer clear of using green for fear it may look like Christmas in July.

2. We chose custom made red silk drapery panels for a mega dose of drama. What you don’t see is the gorgeous hardware I selected from Paris Texas Hardware. The crystal cut finial repeats the luxurious details seen on the chandelier.

3. I sourced new furnishings for the room. Keep in mind the basis of the design is still very traditional, however the new upholstery and accessories will introduce fresh, contemporary design elements.


 The Dunham tripod lamp from DwellStudio inserts a bit of art-deco glam…



While the Gold Leaf Collection Coffee Table provides a sleek minimalist silhouette and keeps the room from feeling bulky in the midst of the wood furnishings.



and finally, the barely there floating bracket will display fine Italian pottery. I’m currently researching how to secure it to the bracket. Please chime in below with your ideas on how to do this.


4. As for the fabrics, I kept the color palette tight with red, ivory, and black. The patterns I selected were mainly geometric in an effort to modernize the antiques.  Here’s a closer look:


We just got a pair of chairs back from the upholsterer. Look at the dramatic transformation! We’re still waiting on a Spanish dining chair which will be used as a side chair and a piano bench. Custom pillows in the floral and small scale black and white pattern (left) will go on a new camelback sofa.  



I couldn’t be happier with how things are coming along. Has modern decorating with Persian rugs posed a challenge for you?


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