August 30, 2015



BamilekeStool_AnthropologieConsider this, if you lived in Cameroon and was the king (or queen) of your castle, then a Bamileke stool would replace your traditional easy chair. 

Also known as the King’s stool, bird’s nest, or donuts its artistic production is closely associated with the hierarchy of Cameroon leaders.

BamilekeStools_via_ExquisiteAfricanArtThe fon, or the king, is considered to be the spiritual, political, judicial and military leader of their tribe and is greatly respected. Thus the stool was known the be the throne upon which the fon would sit on during these public ceremonies.

BamilekeStool_via_QueenslandHomesThe inspiration behind the repeated pattern derives from spiders. The open pattern that you see, were believed to allow the departed loved ones to continuously be connected during the public ceremonies. The craftsmanship holds a great amount of significance in the Bamileke tribe. If there is a break in the wood, the entire process comes to a halt and the piece of wood is thrown away, because it is viewed as a curse. This split symbolizes a break in the life cycle, thus a bad omen.

BamilekeStool_via_HouseandLeisureOver the years, these stools have been found in many retailers across the world and have been used in modern homes. Can you blame them for replicating? These stools are gorgeous!

Bamileke stools_via_ Better Homes and Gardens apartmentA few ways to incorporate Bamileke stools to your existing décor would be as an end table, coffee table or even occasional seating for both the indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of the organic hand carved web design, these pieces bring an unexpected, yet eye-catching element to any room.

Where would you incorporate the versatile yet fabulous stool in your home? 

Featured Image: Andrea Goldman Design

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August 30, 2015


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Coral and Floral Living Room by Erika Ward Interiors

August 28, 2015



IMG_1591.JPGThere’s something to be said about the power of unexpected color in the home: a colorful painting in the entry, a bold, contemporary art in the dining room, or a stunning coral Soumak rug in the living room–this client has all three. 

While I was peering off into the joining rooms, from a distance I could hear the homeowner talk about her fear of making wrong decision in color and decorating yadda, yadda, yadda…

Not that what she was saying was unimportant. It’s just someone who describes themselves as fearful, does not own such a rug. Agreed?

Moving on…

From the front door, you walk right into the living room.

Before | Living Room Makeover

I made a mental note to add an console table behind the sofa to make a pseudo-entry. The room gets a ton of sunlight from the surrounding windows and the paint color felt appropriate in the space. No change there. However, the pair of bookcases is void of character and is currently a missed opportunity to make an impact. I’m about to change that. 

Thibaut’s Bamboo Lattice wallpaper will add tremendous interest to the back of the bookcases. I will also restyle them with plenty of books—of course—and include a few of white accessories to provide some contrast. 

Thibaut-Bamboo Lattice Wallpaper

Above the fireplace, I plan to remove the leaning mirror and add antiqued glass into the paneling. You can see a bit of the recessed paneling which repeats on all three sides of the fireplace. 
Before Living Room Makeover

To the right of the fireplace, I will replace the damaged chest with the Sanctuary Three-Drawer Gold Chest from Hooker Furniture.

Gold Chest by Hooker Furniture

Also in the new entry, behind the sofa, will be this antiqued art-deco console table.

Now’s the time to introduce the fabric scheme into the mix. You can see a snippet of the wallpaper, but also pictured is a small scale aqua fabric to upholster future ottomans, a solid metallic linen fabric for pillows (on the slipper chairs), 100% silk in oyster and kiwi for custom drapery panels, a lively green ikat for a small throw pillow and lastly a playful floral pattern for two large sofa pillows.
Fabric Scheme by Erika Ward Interiors




Here’s a visual of how everything will work together! I can hardly wait!Coral and Floral Living Room by Erika Ward Interiors

Want to fall in love with your home? We want to help. Click here to send an email. I’d love to discuss the various ways we can work together to create a room customized especially for you.

August 28, 2015


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Luxe_Source_Michael Hawkins

August 24, 2015



Luxe_Source_Michael Hawkins

Hi! I’m Brooke, the newest member of the Erika Ward Interiors Team! We’ve been hard at work preparing for upcoming installations while also bringing you a behind-the-scenes look into our operations via Periscope. If you’re interested, catch Erika’s #DesigningLife daily broadcast on Periscope Monday through Friday at 12:30pm EST. Whether you want to see what she’s working on or need advice to complete your own decorating project, we discuss a new topic each day.

You’ll need to download the free Periscope app if you want to watch live. You can get the iPhone and Android versions here.

Today’s post is a continuation of Friday’s broadcast at Myers Carpet where we met with our rep (and good friend) Angie Sullivan.

During the visit, Angie presented us with natural rug selections for our latest design projects which include two dining rooms and two sunrooms.


Natural fiber rugs are great for bringing the outdoors in. Instead of your typical wool or cotton, natural fiber rugs are made with plant-based fibers such as, bamboo, jute, seagrass, coir, and sisal. Sisal_Seagrass Rugs_1They have been used to bring a casual look and feel to any room. Bamboo rugs are not only durable but, they help protect the floor from scratches that may appear over time because the backing is made of felt.


Jute rugs are less durable than any other natural rug because of its soft texture.


The fibers used to make this rug come from the stalk of the plant, instead of the leaves. Because of its durability level being low, it is best to used jute rugs in a bedroom, formal dining room, or even your home office.

Seagrass rugs are extremely durable with a latex backing. This rug brings so much character and dimension to any space.


Coir rugs are the most environmentally friendly rug. Natural Rugs via Lauren LiessNot only are they made from coconut husks but they are hand-loomed and should be treated with care. You will notice the imperfections, but I believe that’s the best part.

Sisal rugs are the toughest and the most durable rug. These rugs are coarse in texture, but become slippery over time therefore the worst place to place this rug is on a stairway.



The best place would be a sunroom because it absorbs humidity on those hot summer days.

You can never go wrong with a natural fiber rug. It helps bring nature to any room. Which rug would you choose to become one with nature?

Featured Image: Luxe Source

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August 24, 2015


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